ArcusStone Light Weight Precast


ArcusStone Light Weight Precast offers many advantages including significant savings.  In almost every case, ArcusStone Light Weight Precast can be applied directly to the substrate without doweling or mechanical fasteners. Using our product, there are no penetrations through vapor barriers which is a huge issue in high rise construction. You will also enjoy savings on the structural build out because there is no need to engineer the building to support weight. ArcusStone Light Weight Precast also eliminates the need for cranes and heavy hoisting equipment and is easier to transport.  Installation of our product is less technical making it easier to train personnel and eliminating the “human error factor”.

ArcusStone Light Weight Precast is easier to handle, transport, and quicker to install.  Your project will be 60% - 80% less expensive to complete using our product.  Contact us today!


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