Arcus stonecoat

Arcus StoneCoat is a field-applied limestone coating consisting of a proprietary mix of quarried, crushed limestone, select polymers and Portland cement for added strength. The product is hand tooled on vertical or horizontal surfaces to produce the look of cut stone finishes, complete with grout lines.  Arcus StoneCoat is installed exclusively by trained applicators, and can be textured, honed and finished like cut stone, or given the look of a more rustic field stone.

arcus Marblecoat

Arcus MarbleCoat is a cement-based, field-applied product, and can be used over any stable substrate that it bonds to including concrete, masonry, stucco, EIFS basecoat, drywall and cement board. It is applied smooth or textured with a trowel, then finished with light sanding or buffing and sealed when fully dry. 

arcus Cementplaster

Arcus CementPlaster is a proprietary blend of quarried limestone aggregates, bonding agents, sand and Portland cement that when applied produces the wonderful European look of mottled, aged stucco with a rich, warm patina and a timeless appeal. It is also uncommonly strong, with a compressive strength rivaling concrete, and a durability that truly lasts.  The field-applied plaster can be used on vertical surfaces, and is often specified in conjunction Arcus StoneCoat on projects calling for a natural product with its own limestone formulation and a look compatible with cut stone. 

Arcus LimePlaster

Arcus LimePlaster is a natural plaster product that combines the timeless beauty of old-world plaster and 21st century technology to outperform any traditional plaster on the market today. Formulated from hydrated lime, fine-grain sand and proprietary natural additives, it is a hybrid product that enables you to achieve a striking Venetian-style finish at a fraction of the cost of comparable European plasters.  A colored finish coating, Arcus LimePlaster can be applied over EIFS, Stucco, Sheetrock, Cement Board and many other substrates. 


Arcusstone Light Weight Precast

High Strength (3/8" - 1/2") Arcusstone Shell, over EPS filler.   Weights about 5 Lbs - 7 Lbs per Square Foot.