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Micro Fibers

Call us for Micro Fibers!  Chopped fiberglass fibers for precast and minimal exposure.

3 mm and 6 mm strands.

One restore

High quality, environmentally friendly, commercial grade surface cleaner and sealer remover.

Sure Seal DPIS

This special deep penetrating integral sealer is great for high traffic and salty environments.  This product also hardens the surface if existing concrete!

Color Pigments

Our pigments are true to color and minimally fading for a long life. They are also UV resistant.

Sold in bulk or pre measured dissolvable packs.

Mold Release

Super easily applied and easy release for foam and many other types of molds.

Foam Blast De Foamer

Foam and air reducer for precast.  Reduces air bubbles in concrete for a smoother finish with less pitting.


AdvaCast 555 Liquifier

This fantastic product allows you to add less water to your precast mix and have better viscosity.

Custom Cut Foam

Custom crown moldings for EIFS coatings and Styrofoam molds. 

Enerfoam Urethane Adhesive

This adhesive is a non cementous with superior adhesion.  This product is recommended for use with ArcusStone Light Weight Precast.

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